Life Group Material

Life Group Material

Download any of the following materials to discuss in your Life Groups.

Amazing Grace

WeekPreached OnTITLEPDFListen
Week 3 19/01/2020Sanctifying GraceDownload
Week 212/01/2020Justifying GraceDownloadListen
Week 105/01/2020Abundant GraceDownloadListen
Preached OnTITLEPDFListen
29/12/2019Firm In Your FaithDownloadListen

Unto Us

Week 322/12/2019All In AllDownloadListen
Week 215/12/2019The Eternal GiftDownloadListen
Week 108/12/2019Government Rests Upon His ShouldersDownloadListen

Role Call

Week 801/12/2019The Calling OutDownloadListen
Week 724/11/2019Becoming A Missional ChristianDownloadListen
Week 617/11/2019A Call To PleasureDownloadListen
Week 510/11/2019Come TogetherDownloadListen
Week 403/11/2019Called or DrivenDownloadListen
Week 327/10/2019Two Blue Ticks and Five BarsDownloadListen
Week 220/10/2019The Position or PositionedDownloadListen
Week 113/10/2019Hello, is it me you’re looking for?DownloadListen

A Disciple is…

Week 606/10/2019A Disciple is RenewedDownloadListen
Week 529/09/2019A Disciple is EmpoweredDownloadListen
Week 422/09/2019A Disciple is MaturingDownloadListen
Week 315/09/2019A Disciple is UnshakableDownloadListen
Week 208/09/2019A Disciple is LovingDownloadListen
Week 101/09/2019A Disciple is…DownloadListen

Beneath The Surface

Week 925/08/2019Necessary Endings and
New Beginnings
Week 818/08/2019Power LinesDownloadListen
Week 711/08/2019How To Make Choice ChoicesDownloadListen
Week 604/08/2019It’s Not ComplicatedDownloadListen
Week 528/07/2019Facing The ShadowDownloadListen
Week 421/07/2019Swimming In The Deep EndDownloadListen
Week 314/07/2019Living Off The WallDownloadListen
Week 207/07/2019Press The Praise ButtonDownloadListen
Week 130/06/2019Time The Great StorytellerDownloadListen

Church In The Wild

WeekPreached onTitlePDFPodcast
Week 723/06/2019Church In The HoodDownloadListen
Week 616/06/2019Church In The HurtDownloadListen
Week 509/06/2019Church In The NoiseDownloadListen
Week 402/06/2019Church On The Other SideDownloadListen
Week 326/05/2019Church The UnknownDownloadListen
Week 219/05/2019The Next GenDownloadListen
Week 112/05/2019Church At The WellDownloadListen


Easter SundayWon By OneDownloadListen

Into The Horizon

Week 9Where Is Your House?DownloadListen
Week 8The Drink UpDownloadListen
Week 7Be One Make One Every OneDownloadListen
Week 6Last Words First ImportanceDownloadListen
Week 5The Fishing TripDownloadListen
Week 4Do It To The Least Of TheseDownloadListen
Week 3Meet You In The UglyDownloadListen
Week 2How To Be a Worship LeaderDownloadListen
Week 1Dive InDownloadListen

Great Faith

Week 8Running On EmptyDownloadListen
Week 7The LeftoversDownloadListen
Week 6Stand OutDownloadListen
Week 5Built up or build ups?DownloadListen
Week 4Make It RainDownloadListen
Week 3You Are HereDownloadListen
Week 2No Shrink BackDownloadListen
Week 1The Shape Of Things To ComeDownloadListen
 Prayer and Fasting Devotional 2019Download 

Dug Down Deep

Week 10Wind ChasersDownloadListen
Week 9The Unwanted GiftDownloadListen
Week 8Leave Your 99DownloadListen
Week 7Stay With ItDownloadListen
Week 6Ther Waiting RoomDownloadListen
Week 5Secrets of the Secret PlaceDownloadListen
Week 4How To Follow God – And Enjoy ItDownloadListen
Week 3Never AdullamomentDownloadListen
Week 2How to Pray God’s WordDownloadListen
Week 1One ThingDownloadListen


Week 7RECONCILEDownloadListen
Week 6RESTOREDownloadListen
Week 5RESETDownloadListen
Week 4RESISTDownloadListen
Week 3RESTDownloadListen
Week 2RELATEDownloadListen

Kill The Spider

Week 3The Four MasksDownloadListen
Week 2King of HeartsDownloadListen
Week 1Sowing and ReapingDownloadListen


Week 8Betting On A Sure ThingDownloadListen
Week 7Who’s Your Friend?DownloadListen
Week 6Rock BottomDownloadListen
Week 5Home and Away: Coming Out of the BunkerDownloadListen
Week 4Discipling My NeighbourDownloadListen
Week 3The Battle and the BlueprintDownloadListen
Week 2Engaging With My NeighbourDownloadListen
Week 1Who Is My Neighbour?DownloadListen

Prodigal GOD

Week 4The True Elder BrotherDownloadListen
Week 3Home and AwayDownloadListen
Week 2Sons For The Return HomeDownloadListen
Week 1Good Good FatherDownloadListen


Week 4Closing The GapDownloadListen
Week 3Soul FullDownloadListen
Week 2Never AsunderDownloadListen
Week 1Meet me at the AltarDownloadListen

This Is Us

Week 4UnlessDownloadListen
Week 3Towers and TravelsDownloadListen
Week 2Up NextDownloadListen
Week 1The Fig Leaf SyndromeDownloadListen

In Christ

Week 6I’m Here For That…DownloadListen
Week 5True NorthDownloadListen
Week 4Grow upDownloadListen
Week 3The Root Of It AllDownloadListen
Week 2The Walking DeadDownloadListen

Called Out

Week 20The Changing RoomDownloadListen
Week 19The Great EscapeDownloadListen
Week 18Where Do You Go?DownloadListen
Week 17Bootleg DiscipleDownloadListen
Week 16Stranger ThingsDownloadListen
Week 15Toll CallDownloadListen
Week 14Sticks and StonesDownloadListen
Week 13We don’t die we multiplyDownloadListen
Week 10Church On The MoveDownloadListen
Week 9Eat In Or Take OutDownloadListen
Week 7The TransporterDownloadListen
Week 6The Audience Of OneDownloadListen
Week 5The PrototypeDownloadListen
Week 4The Bold And The BeautifulDownloadListen
Week 3Church In The WildDownloadListen
Week 2There’s A Fire UpstairsDownloadListen
Week 1Exit StrategyDownloadListen

At The Movies

Week 3Guardians Of The Galaxy: On GuardDownloadListen
Week 2LaLa Land: City Of StarsDownloadListen
Week 1Moana: Beyond The ReefDownloadListen

So That…

Week 4Disciplined or DisqualifiedDownloadListen
Week 3The Rocket And The ElevatorDownloadListen
Week 2These Things These DaysDownloadListen
Week 13 Words 5 Minutes 99 ProblemsDownloadListen

Guest Speakers

Pastor Sam WebbNever Give Up Believing For Family and FriendsDownloadListen
Bishop Manny CarlosThe Almost Perfect StormDownloadListen
Pastor Jun EscosarUnderstanding God’s Heart For The NationsDownloadListen

Cross Words

Week 6Paid In FullDownloadListen
Week 5Father Forgive ThemDownloadListen
Week 4Cry Of WorshipDownloadListen
Week 3Not Of This WorldDownloadListen
Week 2Rise and PrayDownloadListen
Week 1Not MY Will But YoursDownloadListen

To The Core

Week 5Family- God The BuilderDownloadListen
Week 4Discipleship – The Cost of DiscipleshipDownloadListen
Week 3Outreach – Wake Me Up InsideDownloadListen
Week 2Campus & Youth – The Generation GapDownloadListen
Week 1Worship – Our Ultimate ResponseDownloadListen


Week 3Daylight at the Candlelight Factory: Stewarding The ShineDownloadListen