Sermons from December 2015

Past Forward

In today’s message, Norman Asaua refers to the book of Philippians when comparing our actions in the past to that of the future. It is the remembrance of the past that prevents you from moving forward so let us not reflect on the past, but press on and move forward to what lies ahead of us, Christ Jesus.

Spot The Star

The children and youth of Every Nation Brisbane perform their Christmas production based on Max Lucado’s “I am Special” called Spot The Star. Continuing on with Pastor Neli who speaks of the three wise men who spotted the star in the west which lead them to the birth of Jesus Christ. Therefore, beloved, since you…

The Greatest Gift Of All

Pastor Neli walks through Isaiah 9:6 and shows us the importance of the greatest gift we have and every will receive – Jesus Christ. He is the one that empowers us to our destiny so we lack nothing. The all-mighty God, wonderful counsellor, everlasting father and Prince of peace. We have everything we need in Jesus Christ. Are you thankful for this gift that has been given to you?