Sermon On The Mount

Sermon On The Mount – A Foundation Built To Last

Our last part in the Sermon On The Mount series and this week we have Norm Asaua bring us the message. A Foundation Built To Last talks about the parable of the 2 construction workers who built their houses on sand and rock. Listen in as Norm clearly outlines which foundation we should be building our spiritual life.

Sermon On The Mount – Know Me!?

Moving on into another week of our series, Sermon On The Mount, Pastor Neli talks about the intimate relationship God is wanting with us. God has given us gifts and we are called by God, but we are more so called to people and not to amplify the gifts God has given us. So let us really know God with a depth of intimacy and continue to pursue our life’s purpose.

Sermon On The Mount – 3 Gardens 2 Trees

We continue this week with our Sermon On The Mount Series. This week, Pastor Neli goes through Matthew Chapter 7. We have the tendency to close our eyes to what God wants us to do. What kind of relationship do you have with God? There needs to be room in our lives to go deeper with God. That’s where we can produce the good fruit.

Sermon On The Mount – Controller

Guest speaker Tua Moala delivers our message today as we continue with our Sermon On The Mount series. This week is about control. How much control are we giving God in our lives? Are we more focused on things of this world like food, clothes, bills, fast cars, and big Tv’s or are we giving control to God who will always be able to provide for us what we need.

Sermon On The Mount – Fasting

Guest speaker Roisin Welsh continues our series about Sermon On The Mount. As followers of Christ, it’s not a matter of “if” we fast, it’s a matter of “when” we fast should we do as it is written in the Book of Matthew chapter 6. We should not boast about fasting, nor should we look fatigued as we do. Instead draw strength from The Lord. We should empty ourselves of food so we can be full of God. Are we growing more hungry for God or for the things of this world that does’t satisfy?

Sermon On The Mount – The Lord’s Prayer

Continuing this week in our Sermon On The Mount series, we have a special guest speaker. Pastor Jonathan Mok from International City Church delivers a great message about The Lord’s Prayer. Ps Jonathan breaks down this passage into the important areas to reflect on. Through this prayer, we give glory to God through His Name, His Kingdom and His will. We understand how praying like this can address man’s needs such as our physical needs, relationships and spiritual warfare. God already knows what we need but He wants more from us. Our Father longs for a deep relationship with us.

Sermon On The Mount – The Prayer For The Hypocrite

Next in our Sermon On The Mount series, The Prayer of the Hypocrite. Hypocrites live for the spotlight and they invest time in what is seen rather than that which is unseen. What about us? Are there times we are more focused on what others think of us? What about our prayer life? It is more important to “be with” God than to “communicate with” God.

Sermon On The Mount – Give, Pray and Go

We continue our series on Sermon On The Mount by this week discussing the importance if Giving. Pastor Neli guides us through Matthew Chapter 6 as we see the biblical importance of Giving. Always should we have in our mind whether or not our actions will be helpful. Are what we are doing helpful to others or are our actions more inwards thinking? Are we giving privately, missionally and sacrificially?

Sermon On The Mount – I Am The Law

Sermon On The Mount Part 3. I Am The Law. This week Pastor Neli unpacks Matthew 5:7-48 and shows us the intention of the law written in The Old Testament. The New Testament is the old testament fully revealed and shows Jesus did not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill the law.