Sermons by Roisin Welsh

Advance – To See or Not To See

Tune in this week as we welcome our Ten Days Mission team back from Fiji and hear some of their testimonies. As we continue in our Advance series Roisin will discuss what might be right in front of us but we are too blinded to see.

Sermon On The Mount – Fasting

Guest speaker Roisin Welsh continues our series about Sermon On The Mount. As followers of Christ, it’s not a matter of “if” we fast, it’s a matter of “when” we fast should we do as it is written in the Book of Matthew chapter 6. We should not boast about fasting, nor should we look fatigued as we do. Instead draw strength from The Lord. We should empty ourselves of food so we can be full of God. Are we growing more hungry for God or for the things of this world that does’t satisfy?

More Than A Song – Worship Through The Seasons

Part 3 in our series on More Than A Song. This week Roisin Welsh shows us the seasons we go through with God. There’s a time for everything and God has made everything beautiful in His timing. God is in charge of both the times and the seasons. What season are you in? Will you listen to the voice of God for direction or witness a repeat of the lessons God is teaching you?

Financial Stewardship

Our last part in the Outlasters series. Join us as Roisin speaks wisdom to stewardship and making our mark on the things God has given us. God is the owner of all things including our finances where as we (man) are the stewards of the things God has given us. So let us not worry about how much of our finances we get to keep but let us more so seek within ourselves how much we get to give back to the Lord.

Centered – Colossians Part 7

Concluding our Podcast series on “Centered”, our campus minister Roisin Welsh continues to enlighten us with how Christ had influenced the lives of many. Talking through Colossians chapter 4 we come to experience the importance of keeping Jesus Christ the center of our lives in everything we do. As Paul had written in the book of Colossians for us to follow further instructions,