Sermons by Ps. Tina Atiga

Advance – Epic Fail Epic Derail

This week Pastor Tina talks through situations where success should be easily obtained but we fail due to the decisions we make. If we truly want to advance and get to our destination in Christ, there needs to be a development in us – a certainty of our journey.

The Pouring, The Passing, The Awakening

Tina Atiga has spoken out about Hannah, Eli and Samuel and how much we can learn about change. We must lay the ax to the root of our lives to find out certain things in our lives. In particular bitter root judgement and strongholds we have formed in out hearts when we didn’t know about God. That’s why it is important that impressionable hearts are able to receive the love of Jesus Christ.

Multiply Part 4

RELEASE. Part 4 in our Multiply series. This week Tina Atiga speaks power to the Body, Soul and Spirit in each of us. It is when we release the our spirit and not let ourselves be our own hindrance, then we can let the Holy Spirit live within us.

Anointed For Community

Guest Speak Tina Atiga shares with us her background in life, family and future and lets us see how important it is to have a community to share life with. Just like the apostles did in Acts 2:37-47 – They devoted themselves to an imported community to love a perfect God.