All In

All In – Relationship Goals

To end our series on All In, Tua outlines discipleship in the context of relationships. If trust is the foundation of any relationship, then truth is the beginning. Discipleship is all about bringing people one step closer to trusting God. ‚ÄčAre you willing to go all in for the relationship God is pursuing with you?

All In – The 10 Commandments of Outreach

Pastor Neli reaches out to us about a great value which Every Nation Brisbane holds true and that is Outreach. Who better to look for a model of outreach, but Jesus Christ. At times it’s going to be inconvenient to reach out to those God is sending you to, but when it’s time to reach out, the Holy Spirit will speak to you.

All In – In The Zone

Our All In series continues with In The Zone. This week Pastor Neli speaks about Worship and asks us to search within ourselves to identify our true worship. Worship is not just a slow song you sing in a Sunday church service. It is life.

All In – REALationships

We continue our series All In as Pastor Neli discusses real relationships. Relationships not just with our close friends and family but with one another, with those who we might find it more difficult to love as well as our relationship with God.