Centered – Colossians Part 7

Concluding our Podcast series on “Centered”, our campus minister Roisin Welsh continues to enlighten us with how Christ had influenced the lives of many. Talking through Colossians chapter 4 we come to experience the importance of keeping Jesus Christ the center of our lives in everything we do. As Paul had written in the book of Colossians for us to follow further instructions,

Centered – Colossians Part 6

Pastor Neli never fails to keep us reminded about our walk with Christ. This week we continue on our Centered series and travel further into chapter 3 of the Book of Colossians. What role do we take as part of our relationship with God and in our relationship with others? Are we living each day for our Lord?

Centered – Colossians Part 5

Join us as we continue to discover what it means to be centered in Christ. It’s when our eyes are set on things of the earth we run into crisis. We are very much aware of the crisis, but He’s glorified when you look where Christ is.

Centered – Colossians Part 3

Last week we had talked about the importance of having passion for what we believe in, surrounding in people of the same faith and prioritizing God in our lives. This week Pastor Neli Atiga helps us to know the significance of having sufferings, stewardship and struggles in our life can improve our relationship with God and increase the blessings in our lives.

Centered – Colossians Part 2

Pastor Neli has continued to share with us the Book of Colossians and what it means to be made by Him, through Him, for Him, in Him, so we can come before Him. For there are two kinds of people in the world. Those that believe He is Lord and those that do not – but this does not change the fact that He is Lord. It is only in Him that things hold together.

Centered – Hosea

Pastor Neli Atiga brings us all a message which can be applied to our daily lives. Being Centred. Centred in God’s love for us. Whether we are sinner yet to know the love of God or have built a close relationship with The Lord, He still loves us.