Financial Stewardship

Our last part in the Outlasters series. Join us as Roisin speaks wisdom to stewardship and making our mark on the things God has given us. God is the owner of all things including our finances where as we (man) are the stewards of the things God has given us. So let us not worry about how much of our finances we get to keep but let us more so seek within ourselves how much we get to give back to the Lord.

Tithes and Offerings

Continuing on from last week in our Outlasters series, David Coss brings us a message on Tithes and Offerings. Tithes are like the rent your owe and Offerings are like the seeds you sow. Has this already become part of our regular living? Will this be what we leave behind in the generations to come?

Outlasters: Part 1

Let’s kick start our new series, Outlasters. Pastor Neli communicates the book of Matthew to teach us the importance of knowing where our time, talent, ties and treasures lie. Is the Lord our God Lord of all these things? We need to worry less about today’s happiness and more about tomorrow’s readiness. How are we preparing ourselves for God’s Kingdom?