Sermons by Tua Moala

All In – Relationship Goals

To end our series on All In, Tua outlines discipleship in the context of relationships. If trust is the foundation of any relationship, then truth is the beginning. Discipleship is all about bringing people one step closer to trusting God. ‚ÄčAre you willing to go all in for the relationship God is pursuing with you?


Guest Speaker Tua Moala talks about Psalms 133 and the importance of Unity. Unity with each other and the church family. The enemy will strike us when we are strong to cause us to disconnect but we have been called to be a spiritual family and there is an anointing that happens when we dwell together. We’re all here because God planned us to be. Let us now allow the enemy to distract us from that.

Sermon On The Mount – Controller

Guest speaker Tua Moala delivers our message today as we continue with our Sermon On The Mount series. This week is about control. How much control are we giving God in our lives? Are we more focused on things of this world like food, clothes, bills, fast cars, and big Tv’s or are we giving control to God who will always be able to provide for us what we need.