Sermons by Ps. Kenneth Dew

Called Out – We Have Good News

We are not responsible for how God gets the Gospel out to the world but we are responsible for the message we preach and the way in which we preach it. When the truth is presented to the lost the Gospel is revealed. If we never give them the gospel we’ll never give them the truth.

Advance – The Empty Self

The Empty Self. Christians are not experiencing spiritual maturity because they are victims of something calledT the Empty Self Syndrome. God’s plan for us is to advance individually. We are the body of Christ. We cannot be expected to advance the kingdom unless the kingdom is advanced in us.

Leaving a Legacy

Join us for Pastor Ken’s last service in Brisbane. Timely called, Leaving a Legacy. Everything you do in life lives on in Eternity. So be sure to do all you can to ensure you will be remembered for the goodness in your heart at the godlike characters you hold.

Commitment to the Church

Pastor Ken reminds us all about the important parts we all play within the body of Christ – the church. We can all play our part too from reading God’s word, having fellowship with one another, taking up of the Holy Communion and coming together in prayer.

Accepting the Challenge of Change

When people hurt enough, learn enough, or are given enough – they will see change in their lives. Pastor Ken delivers a wonderful word today on Accepting the Challenge of Change. What motivates people to change and what are the different areas we can change? Find out now…

Keeping the Faith

Pastor Ken delivers a great word today about what it takes to keep the faith and how important this is when we consider the world we live in is fixed on what is seen rather than what is unseen.

The Resurrection

Easter is a time to remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. How did Jesus predict the resurrection? What are the ramifications if the resurrection did not take place? What kind of historical evidence is there Christ was resurrected? Find out now as Pastor Ken brings us a great word this Easter Sunday.

A Peculiar People

What is it that makes us unique? What is it that makes us peculiar? Pastor Ken brings us a great teaching today. We have been made special in every way possible and we should be living in a way that is pleasing to God in every way.

Discovering God’s Will

Pastor Kens brings us a message today which should reach inside us to find the drive we need to seek God’s will for us. What plans does He have for us? Shall we stumble guessing the right path, or seek Him to show us the way.