Small Things BIG Differences

Small Things BIG Difference – Love is a Verb

Small Things BIG Difference series concludes this week. A strong topic to remember and have in our hearts as the days go on. Love is a Verb. PS Neli will teach us to ABIDE in God’s love. Christians live for God and in loving God, we want to live by His commands but there are things the enemy will use to detach us from the vine God has placed us on.

Small Things BIG Difference – Up To Bat

Part Four of our Small Things BIG Difference series. This week Pastor Neli Talks about coming Up To Bat. Baptizing And Teaching where we baptize and teach people about the word of God. But to reach those God has sent us to, we must first let go of what’s comfortable so we can reach out to those with difference perspectives and interests. It is by doing this we are able to baptize them with water and build in them a new relationship with God.

Small Things BIG Differences – Who You Wit’?

Part 3 in our Small Things BIG Difference series. This week we truly find out who we’re with and who is with us always. In the Great Commission Jesus Christ tells us He will be with us always, until the end of age. Jesus wants to dwell within us, not just visit us. The way we live our lives are based on the beliefs we hold in our hearts. So let us be empowered by the Holy Spirit and dedicate our lives to Christ Jesus.

Small Things BIG Differences – Come and Go

Part 2 in our Small Things BIG Difference series and Ps Neli reaches out for us to listen, Come and Go. Come in the presence on The Lord and go to where He has called us to go. Coming is invitational but going is a commandment. The Lord has already called us to go out and make disciples but how many other times have we either ignored our calling because we are too comfortable in our comfort zone. Let us step out in faith and continue to do the great works God has planned for us.

Small Things BIG Differences

Ps Neli begins a new series this week. Small Things, BIG Differences. At Every Nation Brisbane we are crazy about God and we are committed to grow in the knowledge of who He is in our lives. We all have an opportunity to lean on Jesus Christ when we deny ourselves and follow God. We all have a choice to follow God as our beliefs grow. When we have our beliefs rooted in Christ, our values and how we put them into practice will see a natural growth in His Kingdom.