REALationships – Forgiveness

Forgiveness is essential for any healthy relationship with God and with others. We have biblical responses to the questions “Why should we forgive?” and “How should we forgive others?” as we realise holding on to past hurt is one of the most self-destructive things we can do. Remember, forgiven people forgive others.

REALationships – Not Just What You Say

Love and compassion must equal action but it’s Jesus that brings back what justifies us to Him straight to our faith and our heart. When our hearts are motivated by our love for God and our love for people we sometimes don’t realize the impact we can have in people’s lives

REALationships – Keeping It Real

We take a look at the story of Ruth and Boas and compare our love in relationships with that which C.S Lewis describes in his book “The Four Loves”. Whether we display love for family, brotherly love, love for ourselves or a boundless love that only God can have, how are we bringing honor to God in our relationships? What does it mean to have God in our relationships?

REALationships – Through The Roof

This week Pastor Neli talks about friendships. In particular “Through the Roof” kind of friendships. We read through Mark chapter 2 as Pastor Neli reveals the kind of friends the paralytic man had with him the day he was lowered through the roof to see Jesus.