Sermons from November 2015

Is it possible that I have a Mission?

Alex Roveda brings our message today with reference to 1 Thessalonians 1. We all have a mission from God, but we need to partner with Him to understand more. Each one of us will have a different mission, but God is with us so we need not be afraid. Let us not simply “do” missions but be missionaries. One vision can change a nation. So seek the Lord and surrender to Him. Pray and lay down your life to follow Jesus

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Pastor Neli uses the Book of Jude to highlight the importance of staying out of the lake (with reference to the lake of fire and sulphur – hell). There will be many times we will go the extra mile for our loved ones. Jesus had jumped in the lake for us so we could be saved so why shouldn’t we do so for the lost? Let us not stand back and pass judgement. Let us instead look out for the signs and respond with love and mercy.

Mission Possible

Pastor Neli breaks down Exodus 3 so we are able to better understand and compare our own calling to that of Moses. Before we go to the mission field we need to allow ourselves to be the mission field.

Strength is for Service, not Status

Pastor Neli dissects Romans 15 to outline the plan God has for our strengths. The strengths are the gifts we have to serve other people not to prop us up on a platform. God wants to utilize our gifts, but we must step out and serve. God wants us to have the strength to tear the roof off for others, to celebrate other’s success, and to make others welcome.

Pray and Go

Guest speaker Pastor Jonathan Mok brings us together to discuss our purpose. To pray and Go. We have been called now. Now is time to react to God’s calling. It’s going to take sacrifice but when we begin to move in our gift, we begin to bless others. Not only should we be present in God but be available for Him too.