Sermons from December 2014

The Pouring, The Passing, The Awakening

Tina Atiga has spoken out about Hannah, Eli and Samuel and how much we can learn about change. We must lay the ax to the root of our lives to find out certain things in our lives. In particular bitter root judgement and strongholds we have formed in out hearts when we didn’t know about God. That’s why it is important that impressionable hearts are able to receive the love of Jesus Christ.

CSI – Get Behind Me Santa

Part 2 in our CSI seriies. This week “Get behind me Santa. There’s something about Mary”. Pastor Neli delivers the sermon with depth outlining today’s culture to have Christmas all about Santa rather than the birth of Jesus Christ and how Mary was chosen by the angels to deliver

CSI – Bethlehem

Join us as we start our new series – CSI. Christmas Story Investigation. Pastor Neli will paint the picture for us about the birth of Jesus Christ and the coming of the shepherds and the 3 kings. Who were they? What brought them to Jesus? How did they respond?