Sermons from October 2015

Helping Others

In this week’s service we had the opportunity to share in the story of Norm and Easter and the lives which had been impacted on the mission trip to the Philippines. The lives of the children and students of Real Life as well as those travelling there. God may not be calling you overseas but He is calling for a change in you.


Guest Speaker Tua Moala talks about Psalms 133 and the importance of Unity. Unity with each other and the church family. The enemy will strike us when we are strong to cause us to disconnect but we have been called to be a spiritual family and there is an anointing that happens when we dwell together. We’re all here because God planned us to be. Let us now allow the enemy to distract us from that.

Solder Athlete Farmer

Soldier – Athlete – Farmer. Pastor Neli takes us through 2 Timothy as we reflect on the soldier, the athlete and the farmer. Each are early risers, self motivated and clear winners. That is what we must become with God if we are going to have the gospel within us. To rise early in The Word, motivate ourselves to be dedicated to reading and prayer, and clearly we will win the prize most treasured

Dig Deep

Join us today as we dig deeper into the metaphor “Dig Deep”. Whether we dig a physical ditch or spiritual ditch, what does it mean? We’ve got to dig deep in the word of God. We can’t just be casual in our faith. We have dreams but we’ve got to dig deep to break through to our destiny. It’s hard work, sometimes nonsensical and mostly hidden, but let’s pray to God, practice regularly and praise Him for who He is.