Sermons from August 2014

Centered – Colossians Part 2

Pastor Neli has continued to share with us the Book of Colossians and what it means to be made by Him, through Him, for Him, in Him, so we can come before Him. For there are two kinds of people in the world. Those that believe He is Lord and those that do not – but this does not change the fact that He is Lord. It is only in Him that things hold together.

Centered – Hosea

Pastor Neli Atiga brings us all a message which can be applied to our daily lives. Being Centred. Centred in God’s love for us. Whether we are sinner yet to know the love of God or have built a close relationship with The Lord, He still loves us.

Call of Duty

Continue to join us this week as Norman Asaua shares a great message about the ‘Call of Duty’. What does it mean to answer your Call of Duty!