Sermons from June 2014

One Thing

Pastor Neli Atiga presents us the question about that One thing. What might be the one thing (apart from Christ) that if lost from your life may tempt you to lose all sense of meaning of existence?

The Journey

David Coss engages us with the story of Joseph and the journey he went through. Follow Joseph from his dreams to despair to disappointment to destiny. There will always be a journey will we travel, but how we get to our goals will surely test us. Have faith in God and be obedient in His plans for us and we will truly reach our destiny.

Leaving a Legacy

Join us for Pastor Ken’s last service in Brisbane. Timely called, Leaving a Legacy. Everything you do in life lives on in Eternity. So be sure to do all you can to ensure you will be remembered for the goodness in your heart at the godlike characters you hold.

The Call

David Coss continues with a great message about being called. Called away from our comfort zone and into an area of our lives where God wants us to be. There are many examples of people in The Bible being called into action. Will you listen to the call and see where God may want you?