Sermons by Alex Roveda

REALationships – Not Just What You Say

Love and compassion must equal action but it’s Jesus that brings back what justifies us to Him straight to our faith and our heart. When our hearts are motivated by our love for God and our love for people we sometimes don’t realize the impact we can have in people’s lives

Is it possible that I have a Mission?

Alex Roveda brings our message today with reference to 1 Thessalonians 1. We all have a mission from God, but we need to partner with Him to understand more. Each one of us will have a different mission, but God is with us so we need not be afraid. Let us not simply “do” missions but be missionaries. One vision can change a nation. So seek the Lord and surrender to Him. Pray and lay down your life to follow Jesus

Just Walk Across The Room

Just Walk Across The Room is our new series about Evangelism. Guest speaker Alex Roveda begins by unpacking John Chapter 4 with the story of the woman by the well. We can learn so much about Jesus, ourselves, the gospel and evangelism from this chapter. Alex does well to prepare each of us with the easy understanding about sharing the gospel. Are you ready to leave your comfort zone? Do you dare to share?

Sermon On The Mount – Light and Salt

Part 2 in our Sermon On The Mount Series, Alex Roveda continues with the Book of Matthew specifically chapter 5. Alex speaks of us all being Light and Salt. Light of this world and Salt of the earth. There are many things we can be doing as Christians to advance God’s Kingdom by reaching out to those who haven’t heard the gospel.