Sermons from September 2015

Just Walk Across The Room – Walk In The Spirit

Continuing with our Just Walk Across The Room series, Pastor Neli this weeks talks about walking in the Spirit. Not just in our daily lives, but also when approaching someone to speak to them about God’s word, we must be Spirit-led. It’s with the power of God that we are able to talk to other people about Christ. But first we must be Spirit-filled. So what does it meant to be baptised with the Holy Spirit?

Just Walk Across The Room – The Power Of A Story

Continuing our series on Just Walk Across The Room, Pastor Neli teaches us the importance of our own testimony and the way we communicate with others to get our message across. There are some important things to note when speaking about our faith story to someone who has not yet started that journey. Let it not be long winded, unclear, weird, or filled with jargon which we have grown accustomed to within our christian circles. Does this sound like you too? How would you tell your story?