Sermons from June 2015

Sermon On The Mount – Give, Pray and Go

We continue our series on Sermon On The Mount by this week discussing the importance if Giving. Pastor Neli guides us through Matthew Chapter 6 as we see the biblical importance of Giving. Always should we have in our mind whether or not our actions will be helpful. Are what we are doing helpful to others or are our actions more inwards thinking? Are we giving privately, missionally and sacrificially?

Sermon On The Mount – I Am The Law

Sermon On The Mount Part 3. I Am The Law. This week Pastor Neli unpacks Matthew 5:7-48 and shows us the intention of the law written in The Old Testament. The New Testament is the old testament fully revealed and shows Jesus did not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill the law.

Sermon On The Mount – Light and Salt

Part 2 in our Sermon On The Mount Series, Alex Roveda continues with the Book of Matthew specifically chapter 5. Alex speaks of us all being Light and Salt. Light of this world and Salt of the earth. There are many things we can be doing as Christians to advance God’s Kingdom by reaching out to those who haven’t heard the gospel.