Sermons from April 2015

Small Things BIG Differences

Ps Neli begins a new series this week. Small Things, BIG Differences. At Every Nation Brisbane we are crazy about God and we are committed to grow in the knowledge of who He is in our lives. We all have an opportunity to lean on Jesus Christ when we deny ourselves and follow God. We all have a choice to follow God as our beliefs grow. When we have our beliefs rooted in Christ, our values and how we put them into practice will see a natural growth in His Kingdom.

More Than A Song – In Times Of Injustice

Ps. Taulu Schuster keeps our series coming with Part 4 this week about worshiping God in the times of injustice. In times of injustice we want to get even, we want to get justice for these wrongdoings. We let the ideas of this world rule us in the area of injustice. We therefore become lead by things of this world rather than being lead by the Spirit. Worship is what we do to trust God for what He does for us.

More Than A Song – Worship Through The Seasons

Part 3 in our series on More Than A Song. This week Roisin Welsh shows us the seasons we go through with God. There’s a time for everything and God has made everything beautiful in His timing. God is in charge of both the times and the seasons. What season are you in? Will you listen to the voice of God for direction or witness a repeat of the lessons God is teaching you?

More Than A Song – Ultimate Worship Leader

Ps Neli welcomes us this Easter Sunday with a message continuing in our More Than A Song series. This week talking about the Ultimate Worship Leader. Jesus Christ is the ultimate worship leader but worship doesn’t become worship unless it costs something. A sacrifice. So let us saturate ourselves in the things God wants us to do. In view of God’s mercy may we live our lives as a living sacrifice Holy and pleasing to God.