Sermons from March 2015

More Than A Song

Rowena Schuster tells us the importance of worship and our need to build the right relationship with God. Worship is honoring God in everything we do and naturally happens when we’re in a relationship with God. So we should pursue relationship, not religion.

Core – Discipleship

Rebecca Dew continues our Core series this week by speaking about being in a discipleship relationship. It is so important to understand the key foundations to discipleship by building the relationship we have between each other and and with God. Discipleship is Learning, it is Relationship, it is Healing, it is Wisdom, it is a Legacy.

Core – Spiritual Family

Pastor Sam Webb enriches our lives with the importance of a spiritual family. Family is Family is Family is Family. It’s also a place to develop transparency and being accountable for our actions and behaviours. Pastor Sam reminds us to inquire about a spiritual family, invest our time, talents and treasures into the family and invite others to be part of our family.

You can bless many things but you an ultimately only build with family.

Core – Outreach

This week we continue in our series Core with today’s service about Outreach. What is done in secret and what is unseen is the foundation of outreach. The deeper we are planted in God, the higher we grow and reach out. The nutrients of what we need to love and outreach is found in a deep foundation in Christ. Effective outreach can only be gained by digging deeper. The more we dig, the more we will discover His heart beats for the lost people. If we really get into Gods presence He breaks our heart for the lost and broken allowing our evangelism to flow naturally. Matthew 7:16-20 explains that we are recognized by our fruits.