Sermons from May 2014

Commitment to the Church

Pastor Ken reminds us all about the important parts we all play within the body of Christ – the church. We can all play our part too from reading God’s word, having fellowship with one another, taking up of the Holy Communion and coming together in prayer.

Anointed For Community

Guest Speak Tina Atiga shares with us her background in life, family and future and lets us see how important it is to have a community to share life with. Just like the apostles did in Acts 2:37-47 – They devoted themselves to an imported community to love a perfect God.

Accepting the Challenge of Change

When people hurt enough, learn enough, or are given enough – they will see change in their lives. Pastor Ken delivers a wonderful word today on Accepting the Challenge of Change. What motivates people to change and what are the different areas we can change? Find out now…