Sermons by Norm Asaua

Past Forward

In today’s message, Norman Asaua refers to the book of Philippians when comparing our actions in the past to that of the future. It is the remembrance of the past that prevents you from moving forward so let us not reflect on the past, but press on and move forward to what lies ahead of us, Christ Jesus.

Helping Others

In this week’s service we had the opportunity to share in the story of Norm and Easter and the lives which had been impacted on the mission trip to the Philippines. The lives of the children and students of Real Life as well as those travelling there. God may not be calling you overseas but He is calling for a change in you.

Sermon On The Mount – A Foundation Built To Last

Our last part in the Sermon On The Mount series and this week we have Norm Asaua bring us the message. A Foundation Built To Last talks about the parable of the 2 construction workers who built their houses on sand and rock. Listen in as Norm clearly outlines which foundation we should be building our spiritual life.

Get In Shape Part 3

Follow us as we continue with Part 3 in our Get in Shape series. This week Norm Asaua speaks about being disciplined and having the motivation to complete the goals that are set before us. Keep our minds focused on God and not of material things, and we will surely keep the prize for eternity.…

Call of Duty

Continue to join us this week as Norman Asaua shares a great message about the ‘Call of Duty’. What does it mean to answer your Call of Duty!