School of Empowerment
  • Stanley Place, Cultural Centre, South Bank QLD 4101

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School of Empowerment

We are excited to bring the School of Empowerment and the School of Healing to the oceania region of Brisbane Australia. Join International Director of the Schools of Empowerment Pastor Jim Laffoon, together with Pastor Neli Atiga, and Pastor Jojo Henson as they deliver this powerful learning opportunity over a six day period.

The School of Empowerment is a six day experience from 8am-4pm in the presence of God, learning to hear God, receiving ministry, learning how to prophecy, learning how to operate in the gifts of the spirit, and bringing your devotional life to the next level.

The School of Healing runs for a four day period simultaneously with the School of Empowerment and will be in the evenings from 6pm-9pm. It is advance level training on how to heal the human soul, how to respond to stubborn neural patterns, how to deal with demonisation, and how to deal with someone who’s been traumatised.

We are excited to be hosting this event in Oceania. We look forward to seeing you then

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